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Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery by ElcomSoft
Windows, shareware, 30 day free trial, $39 (purchase)

This is a program to recover login and password information (stored locally) for most popular instant messengers: ICQ and ICQLite, AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, AIM Pro, Yahoo! Messenger, Excite Messenger, MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, Google Talk, Trillian, Trillian Astra, Odigo, AT&T IM Anywhere, T-Online Messenger, Match Messenger, Praize IM, ScreenFIRE, ACD Express Comunicator, Imici Messenger, Prodigy IM, PowWow Messenger, Jabber IM, Kellster IM, PalTalk, Indiatimes messenger, Miranda, Tiscali, Messenger, Rediff Bol, Sify Buzz, Devil, Tencent QQ, QQ (Africa Version), &RQ, Eighth Wonder Catax, Simple Instant Messenger, Vista IMGAIM, Global-IM, Psi Jabber client, Messenger2, Picasa Hello, iWon, Blowsearch, MessageMate, Meca Messenger, Qnext, Bubbler (Five Across), InterComm IM (Five Across), Easy Message, QIP Infium, Gizmo Project, MySpace IM, Exodus, Gadu-Gadu, Mail.Ru Agent, ScatterChat, Just Another Jabber Client, Maple Messenger, Pandion, IMVITE Messenger, Oyco Messenger, Imeem, IMVU, Gajim, Ipswitch IM, Pidgin, ooVoo, Digsby, qutIM, MDC, Wippien, and BigAnt.

Passwords are recovered instantly, multilingual ones are supported.

Please note that this program can recover your lost or forgotten password only, extracting/decrypting it from your own system (if such information is there, of course). So it cannot be used to crack somebody else's passwords on remote computers.

A few modern instant messengers, such as ICQ version 6 and up, Yahoo! IM version 7.5 and up, and all versions of Skype, never store password information anywhere. Instead, they perform one-way transformation of the password, creating a "hash" that is used to authenticate users with IM servers. Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery is able to back up and restore such passwords, effectively allowing transfer of IM accounts and settings from one PC to another without knowing the original password.

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